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web design program 2000-2004
Bachelor of Arts Degree

Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Ia.: History Major; Art and English Minors
Universidád Nacionál Autónoma de México, México, D.F.: art, history,Spanish Language
Master of Arts Degree
University of Denver, Denver
History: Latin America and Arabic History
Thesis: Precursory Revolutionary Movements in Latin America
The Bakers' Trip down the Nile River
Post Graduate Studies:
San Francisco State, SF MOMA, San Jose State,University of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles, Santa Rosa Junior College, Rocky Mountain Participatory Nursery, Sebastopol Center of Arts
Teaching Credentials:

Art and History [California, current 2011]
England, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Monaco, Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebannon, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, Canada, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia.
Special Areas of Study, concentration and projects:
Wellesley College SEED project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity).
National Oral History Project...San Jose State, Paula Gillette
Writing California history curriculum for the 9th-10th grade [focus, women], UCLA
Bay Area Writing Project presentor and teacher of teachers
Writing Resource teacher SFUSD
Work: San Francisco Unified School District, High School, Junior High, Middle School: art, history, humanities, English, writing, film making, writing resource teacher (25 years). Santa Rosa School District: Ridgeway Independent Studies (all subjects) (4 years), Santa Rosa High School (metal smithing, jewelry 2003). Twin Hills School District: parent volunteer, art, computers and technology, Harmony Union School District: library resource and technology aide, parent volunteer teacher, art and technology (nine years) Fiber arts supply business (Halcyon
Tutoring and advice available in the areas of: personal technology (computer applications [Word, Appleworks, Data Base:Filemaker Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator,iMovie, In Design, Flash, Dreamweaver, Go Live, Fetch, Exel, Final Cut Express, Pro, ILife, more], web design, internet search, film, digital photography), various art applications (metal/jewelry, enamel on metal, acrylics, watercolor, batik, weaving, printmaking [lino, silk screen, wood block, mono], oilstick, pastel, sewing and stitchery, various.

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