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Pricing and costs:

The basic rate is $40. per hour.

Any programing for special needs such as interactive calendars, asp, jsp, some forms for example, will be billed at the rate of the programmer, but will be clearly stated before commencement of the project.

The cost of your web site will be less if your artwork is used. Any material which is previously digitized will cut the costs of your site. Designing and creating graphics is the most time consuming item in a website, but it is creative and fun to do.

For an example of a basic website go to New Buffalo, Art Kopecky site.This site, with only 2 or 3 pages, and your own graphics, would cost approximately $700. The design follows a similar format for each page, with simple, yet animated links.

The Schomp Design web site would be approximately $1,000. including the graphics. Once the first page and the secondary page are designed it takes much less time to add several other pages using a similar format for each page. Simply adding the content takes very little time.

The Jewelry Forever site has many photos and graphics. There is a basic "Flash" format and structure, which includes rollovers. The cost of a basic site such as this could vary depending upon the variety of page designs and graphics. The more similar each page, the less expensive. Without the many photo collages, this site could be about $500.

The Frank Schueler Sculpture site is larger, the main expense for this site is in the basic structure, the top navigation, with the animated rollover buttons, and the graphic heading. The photographic preparation add to the cost of a site such as this. Once the primary, secondary, and tertiary pages were designed and constructed the major work for the site was complete. Adding more pages takes little time. This site could be accomplished for approximately $1,800.

Movies and animation are possible. Take a look at this sample site which includes music, film, animation and an interactive aspect.

We are also avilable to assist you in learning about the internet,the ISP and how to update your web page. We can help demystify the entire experience.And WE PROVIDE WEB HOSTING NOW!

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